Malfy Gin Lemon

Malfy Gin Lemon

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Type Gin 
Brand  Malfy Gin
Country/Region Italy, Turin
Alcohol 41 %
Quantity 70 cl



Malfy Gin is about as contemporary as gins can get. A vibrant and heavily citrus-forward expression, it is definitely a gin for those looking to leave the well beaten path of juniper heavy spirit.
The signature botanical is, perhaps unsurprisingly, lemon peel, from both the Amalfi Coast and Sicily. Grapefruit and orange peel bring further citrus flavours, while juniper, coriander, cassia and liquorice bring more traditional gin notes. Distillation takes place at low temperature under vacuum to extract the more zesty citrus flavours.
On its own, the spirit has a powerful lemon flavour, almost dominating the profile. When mixed with tonic or vermouth, or as part of any cocktail, the lemon takes a step back and the traditional gin botanicals become apparent once again, creating a slightly more balanced flavour.


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