Terre di Giumara Olive Oil is a highly prized extra virgin olive oil that is cold pressed from olives grown in the heart of the Belice Valley. The olive groves are on approximately 14 hectares of land with a total of 3600 trees that produce olives, all picked by hand: the meticulous care and the great dedication give successful to this fine product.

Aspect, Taste and Aroma of the Oil
Lightly veiled, obtained by natural decantation (not filtered). Fruity of olive oil, harmoniuous and fresh with a light piquant touch and a pleasant perception of bitterness. Features notes of tomato, artichoke, citrus and almond. Clean of olive oil aroma.

Serving Suggestion
A versatile oil that excels when used raw to baste even delicate dishes of meat and fish as well as preparations of vegetables and salads. Due to its high quantity of antioxidants, it’s an extremely genuine product. It can also be used for cooking thanks to its notable resistance to high temperatures.

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