Mixed Colour Tasari Flights

Mixed Colour Tasari Flights

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A white, a rosé and a red let you experience a wide variety of our family wines in all of the colours.
This box contains: 

Tasari Red (250 ml): Deep ruby and crystal clear it offers a wide variety of aromas highlighted by liquorice and raspberry.
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It’s what we can perfectly define as the everyday-wine.

Tasari White (250 ml): Straw yellow colour with green reflections. Notes of apricots and honey.
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On the palate, exotic fruit flavour, taste and softness unite. Serve fresh at a temperature of 12° C.

Tasari Rosè (250 ml): Cherry-colored with an intense fruity bouquet that comes from our best Syrah.
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Notes of strawberry, cherry, raspberry and pomegranate. In one’s mouth the wine is fresh with a good acidity and balanced tannins. It’s certainly not a wine for undecided palates.Serve fresh at a temperature of 12° C.

Additional information

_We've put together a simple guide to help you make sense of the amazing aromas and tastes you'll come across when drinking our family wines.

_Wooden box and glass are NOT included

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