Family White Wines Flights

Family White Wines Flights

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A trio of our delicious family white wines flights. Discover your favourite Sicilian red wine and learn to distinguish the differences. 

This box contains: 

Zibibbo(250 ml): Smooth to the palate, this wine offers a wide shade of perfumes that range from spices to floral and fruits.
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Sipping this wine will feel like a caress to all your senses.

Tasari Catarratto(250 ml): In our house, simplicity and kindness are the fundamental values by which one gathers around a table for any occasion and only a distracted observer can confuse this simplicity with mediocrity.
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Straw yellow color with green reflections. Notes of apricots and honey. On the palate, exotic fruit flavour, taste and softness unite. Serve fresh at a temperature of 12°C.

Cusora Chardonnay(250 ml): This wine is fresh and tasty with a complexity that confirms the wonderful balance reached between the grape and its vineyard.
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Great bouquet with intense fragrances featuring vanilla and tropical scents. Aromatic and vegetable notes exalts its complexity. In one’s mouth it surprises with rich flavours and balance.

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_We've put together a simple guide to help you make sense of the amazing aromas and tastes you'll come across when drinking our family wines.

_Wooden box and glass are NOT included

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