Italian Olive Oil, Veeno

Caruso & Minini, Olive Oil 0.75L

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Extra virgin olive oil is the condiment of all the foods that make up the so-called Mediterranean diet, where it is consumed both raw and cooked. Its spicy flavor, and tingling sensation in the throat, is an indication of freshness, quality and its ability to protect the body. Use it in salads, dose it depending on the level of aromaticity you might want to reach. Use it on raw fish preparation, or as a condiment on roasted meats. Buon appetito!

This highly prized extra virgin olive oil, is cold pressed from olives grown in the heart of the Belice Valley, where the variety Nocellara del Belice finds home. The olive groves are on approximately 14 hectares of land with a total of 3600 trees that produce olives. The vast majority of the trees are over 100 years old and are traditionally grown in an open field.